Safe European home?

So today we made the press again first with the Independant  then the Torygraph .

I don’t think we are allowed to tell you where his French home is but the people over at seem to think it’s ok.


Here is a video of the Clash -it seems appropriate and it’s a good tune!

Dorset calling!

This week Squat The Cull have been out in the back up Dorset cull zone. From the comfort of our camper van, we’ve been sussing out land, and good places to occupy so that we can be ready to strike if either of the Somerset/Gloucester zones pull out. We found loads of decent barns, a few empty houses, and loads of small holdings complete with access to running water and firewood. Lots of really awesome estates and manor houses too!

We put up 200 posters by villages, farms, barns and private land, to let locals know we are coming, and so that our supporters can join in or help us out with accessing land, donating equipment etc.

Thought it was only polite as well to give people warning and introduce ourselves, since we could end up being neighbors.


That’s one way to badger farmers: squatters join battle to halt cull

This is the article that appeared in the Independent on Saturday (online Friday) – Apologies for not putting it up sooner.

Activists plan to shadow shooting parties with vuvuzelas to scare badgers away





Opponents of the badger cull have enlisted the help of members of the squatter and Traveller communities, threatening to occupy farm buildings and set up camps on private land where badgers will be shot.

The threat, from a newly-formed protest group called Squat the Cull, has further escalated tension in the rural areas earmarked for trials of the Government’s controversial culling policy, with local police forces preparing for clashes between farmers and animal rights activists.

Badgers can be shot legally by licensed marksmen in two cull zones in the West Country from 1 June. Natural England has issued licences for the killing of 70 per cent of badgers in both areas in order to reduce the spread of bovine tuberculosis to cattle.

“We think we have around 30 serious people willing to spend time on this and live on site with another 50 or so who can come for a day and will help resist eviction,” Dave Peel, a member of the group, told The Independent.

“We will work with other animal rights activists and hunt saboteurs and try physically to stop the cull by standing in front of the guns.”

He added: “Live-in vehicles of all descriptions are being talked about […] We are also interested in squatting barns and any other out buildings.”

Mr Peel, 35, a forklift driver from south London, said that his group would contact members of the Occupy movement, who sustained a protest camp outside St Paul’s for several months, to seek their involvement or advice.

The cull is expected to attract one of the largest mobilisations of animal rights activists in recent times. Veteran hunt saboteurs and activists who took part in the campaign against animal testing at Huntingdon Life Sciences have joined local opponents of the cull to help with the mapping of cull zones.

The main protest group, Stop the Cull, has pledged that its members will shadow shooting parties with megaphones and vuvuzelas to scare badgers back into their setts.

Jay Tiernan, a leader of Stop the Cull, said activists associated with the group would act within the law but that it would “not condemn” harassment of farmers involved in the cull or damage to private property. Mr Peel said that the group would be accompanied by “plain-clothed legal monitors” of the kind that attended the Dale Farm evictions. “If they get heavy-handed and break the law by illegally arresting us or attacking us we will be better placed to sue them,” Mr Peel said.

Police in Gloucestershire have said they will ensure that peaceful protest is permitted while “dealing with any incidents of crime or disorder”. Assistant Chief Constable Richard Berry said that any additional policing costs would be met by the Home Office. The shadow Environment Secretary Mary Creagh has said that policing the cull would cost £4m.

The badger cull, which has the strong backing of the National Farmers Union, is opposed by a broad coalition of animal welfare groups including the RSPCA, the League Against Cruel Sports and the RSPB – all of which have dissociated themselves from the kind of direct action advocated by more radical groups such as Stop the Cull and Squat  the Cull.

Cameras can help stop culls!

We found a very interesting article on Farmers Weekly talking about health and safety. Something we have touched on ourselves! The article talks about how a bumpkin farm manager was fined £330 and ordered to pay £1,757 in costs after admitting a breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act. This all came about after a passing motorist simply took a photo of the silly fucker farm manager as he  lifted two workers in a grain bucket on a telehandler to fix a roof…

Soooooooooooo one passing motorist managed to cost a farmer £2,.087 imagine what an army of badger volunteers could cost the farmers if we went out actively looking for violations!

We can legally make the cost of the cull economically unviable through protest, health and safety inspections, squats, boycotts, awareness raising, campaigning  etc.


So the point of this post is to show you what can be done simply and easily to put a dent in the cull – we encourage you to keep ’em peeled in the cull zone and are pleased to let you know that our own crack team of health and safety ninjas will be on the ground, day and night, making sure the farmers are keeping it legal. If the health and safety executive drag their feet we will look into private prosecutions but let’s jump that bridge when we come to it. This afternoon and this evening we will be patrolling one of the cull zones and keeping na eye out for scrap metal to weigh in for diesel money thus recycling and helping animals!

You can read the Farmers Weekly article below:

Another thing to look out for is tax discs as the comment on a  bumpkin  farming forum below shows us:

“Tractor wheel clamped!!!

I’m on holiday in Devon, had a phone call from home to say some jobs worth had wheel clamped our herdsman’s tractor outside his house. Parked off the main road but crucially within 1m of the highway, for not displaying the free tax disc…… £250 to get clamp off, but if I go to Dvla office with proof of tax and insurance they’ll refund £160……… And yes they have a picture of it and reg no. So getting my chap to chop it off means £1000 fine!

So watch out they’re on a money making mission!”

Look out for bad parking!

Look out for bad parking!


Dirty Dairy Farmer Fined

So it was brought to our attention that dairy farmer Alan Govier, 61, who farms to the South of the Somerset cull zone, has been fined by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) after cow shit was found in the milk from his cows! I wonder if this is one of those “isolated incidents” that we here about, usually in the context of animal cruelty. One wonders sometimes how many times you have to do something for it to become habitual and systemic? In fact on that note Alan has had warnings from the FSA before. Alan has had not one, not two but fifteen warnings and one official caution during the past 19 years. What a wally!

This article got us thinking and it occurred to us that we neglected to think about the FSA when we wrote our health and safety article. If you know of any dodgy farming practices that would come under our new best friends at the FSA’s remit why not give them a bell –

FSA Report an incident line: 

  • 020 7276 8448 (out of hours: 0845 051 8486)

To be honest though we are sure the case of Alan “the cowpat” Govier is a one off isolated incident and all the other milking parlours are fucking pristine! Should we be wrong in this matter there is a chance one of our undercover “ninjas” will find out. We also are thinking about the idea of placing hidden cameras in farms to capture any animal cruelty or breaches of health and safety or food hygiene. This idea was passed on to us by comrades in Israel who used this tactic with great success. You can read more about the Israeli hidden camera expose here and read more about Allan here




Adventures in Photoshop

I will be honest with you…i am shit at Photo shop. I will try and get better. Here is a first attempt at a poster. Please feel free to print it out and put up all over the place in the cull zones.  If you don’t have access to a printer we can send you some.  Fuck the cull!